What You Will Learn

Time: 45min

Communication, like anything else, can be improved with practice and dedication. 
  1. Improved skills for face-to-face conversations, specifically with your spouse. 
  2. Practical algorithms to start using in your life right away.
  3. How to make criticisms, condemning and complaining go away. 
  4. Listen to real case examples that are relatable and easy to learn from.

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Course Curriculum

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7 Keys to Unlock Healthy Communication


  • Karim Serageldin

    Founder of Noor Human Consulting

    Karim Serageldin

    Founder of Noor Human Consulting and host of the Coffee with Karim Podcast. Karim has a B.A. in psychology and religion. An M.A. in east-west psychology with a specialization in spiritual counseling. Karim is a certified life and relationship coach with over fifteen years of teaching experience.

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