What Will I Learn?

This course is designed to help you cope with anxiety on multiple levels and implement psycho-spiritual exercises to enhance confidence, security and growth in daily life.

Anxiety as a human nature: Anxiety is part of the human condition and it can serve as a catalyst for growth, confidence and security in our daily lives with the right attitude and tools. You will learn how to work with your anxiety not against it. Understand the harm of being overly anxious and what pitfalls it can lead to.

Physical dimension: Humans have a need for survival. Learn how to overcome angst of materialism.

Social dimension: Humans are social creatures. Learn how to recognize and overcome anxiety rooted in community and work dynamics.

Spiritual dimension: Humans are mortal. Learn how to cope with anxiety of death, hereafter; and how spirituality can help overcome physical and social anxiety.

How to outsource your anxiety to the Divine.

What Islam has to offer for human anxiety from the Qur'an and Sunnah

Techniques from psychology and personal development to minimize anxiety. (Cognitive checklist, breathing exercise, identifying roots of anxiety in your own life, talking to someone, mechanisms of control vs. influence, making time your friend.)


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Overcome Anxiety with keys from Qur'an and psychology.


  • Karim Serageldin

    Founder of Noor Human Consulting

    Karim Serageldin

    Founder of Noor Human Consulting and host of the Coffee with Karim Podcast. Karim has a B.A. in psychology and religion. An M.A. in east-west psychology with a specialization in spiritual counseling. Karim is a certified life and relationship coach with over fifteen years of teaching experience.

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