What You Get

  • Beautiful videos with focused text, images and animations. + Live webinars with instructor.

  • Modules that ensure smooth and effective learning. Practice sections and quizzes to support retainment and application of skills right away.

  • Discounted rates for private coaching and counseling sessions.

  • Downloadable resources and worksheets.

Why Noor Human Academy?

Become the best human you can be.

Our online courses provide four essentials tracks to enhance your life. 

  1. Psychology
  2. Spirituality
  3. Relationships
  4. Life Coaching

The average client at Noor Human Consulting spends between $200 to $300/month for customized counsel and coaching. Many people can not afford this, nor have the time for endless searching through an ocean of content to get the right help they need.

Our professional courses are designed to address the most important issues to become a better human being! Content and tools are drawn from instructor experience of over 15 years in education and 10 years providing counsel for individuals, couples and families.

Start living fuller and feeling better through Noor's 4 tracks to success!

Course Categories

  • Psychology

    Improve your sense of self, coping skills, cognition and enhance healthy moods and behaviors. Discover and apply techniques for healing and growth.

  • Relationships

    Attain skills and concepts to master relationships. Topics include emotional intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, sexuality and intimacy needs.

  • Spirituality

    Begin the quest for purpose and the search for meaning. Refine your ego through the big picture. Discover your higher consciousness. Apply spiritual skills to transform your heart and intellect.

  • Life Coaching

    Experience real change with strategies for goal planning and confident decision making. Removing personal blocks that keep you stuck from succeeding in life.

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  • Karim Serageldin

    Founder of Noor Human Consulting

    Karim Serageldin

    Founder of Noor Human Consulting and host of the Coffee with Karim Podcast. Karim has a B.A. in psychology and religion. An M.A. in east-west psychology with a specialization in spiritual counseling. Karim is a certified life and relationship coach with over fifteen years of teaching experience.


  • What if I don't have time?

    Most of us struggle with making time not having time. We have designed our courses to be engaging, concise and structured in powerful bites to help you grow and live better right away!

  • What are my purchase options?

    1) Purchase courses a la cart (prices vary). 2) As bundles which includes two or more courses with same theme (prices vary). 3) Essential monthly subscription to get access to all courses, live webinars, free resources for just $29/month. (Coming Soon in 2019!) 4) VIP monthly subscription includes everything featured in essential subscription PLUS one 50 min session per month with your instructor at $99 per month. (Coming Soon in 2019!)

  • How do private sessions work with VIP membership?

    As soon as you join VIP membership we will create a scheduling profile for you at Noor Human Consulting. You will receive an invite via email to sign in and start scheduling. (NOTE) You will get these steps with the same email you used to sign up for Noor Academy.

  • What types of sessions are available for VIP?

    Sessions are available Monday-Saturday via mobile or video.

  • Can I use more than one session per month?

    VIP payment of $99/month entitles you to one 50min session per month. You can only schedule your 2nd session after your 2nd monthly payment for the academy has been completed. If you would like more sessions (for example 2 per month) you will have to purchase more via Noor Human Consulting's website. The great news is every extra session you purchase will be 20% off as long as you have an active VIP monthly subscription with Noor Human Academy.